My American Flags

Following my springtime project The Corona Chronicles and June's Wildforest Sanctuary art residency comes a brand new series using the potent symbol of the American flag as a jumping-off point. I credit our intensely political times and my six decades as an American for this unlikely, for me, focus. 


In truth I hadn't felt a strong connection to our flag since pledging allegiance to it in grammar school. Over the past several years it has become, to my mind, a symbol of patriotism for a subset of citizens. It has also become associated with a certain mindset and particular opinions. The evolving nature of the flag caught my interest and I decided to claim ownership of it. It's my flag, too.


In hindsight I can see Corona Clarion from The Corona Chronicles as an origin piece for the series. Its use of red, white and blue, as well as its commentary on the U.S. response to the pandemic led me to this new focus. I began work reflecting on my evolving and diverse feelings about this country, using the structure and colors of the star-bangled banner. It's ongoing, thoroughly engaging and is branching out into different mediums.


Click on an image to see it full size and with annotation.

Cardboard Collage

Click on an image to see it full size and with annotation.

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