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The Giants Shrine

Take a virtual walk through the The Giants Shrine

In June 2020 I spent two weeks as artist-in-residence at the 40 acre, off-grid Wildforest Sanctuary. I arrived with no set plan and no materials, only a bag of tools and a best guess collection of fasteners (nails, screws, wire and string). This meant I would rely on the place for guidance, inspiration and supplies. This is no hardship, rather an extraordinary opportunity; arriving blind compels an openness and provides an alluring challenge.

While the land always plays a key role in my work, here it was primary. A space adjacent to my cabin caught my eye immediately: a slight clearing leading to thick forest. As I explored its contours I found myself getting pulled in further and further. The towering trees, huge stumps and downed timber suggested a sacred stillness. I decided to honor the serenity simply by clearing brush and then highlighting the natural beauty.


Everything used in creating the shrine was found on the property. Because the area was remarkably clean of human detritus, natural elements are appropriately front and center. But certain "perfect" finds: a chainsaw chain, blue wire, a wine barrel ring and an old saw blade, serve to amplify the energy, majesty and strength of the giants residing here now and before.

Click on an image to see it full size and with annotation.

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